Nuclear Reactor, Printed!

Nuclear Reactor inside a Silo (source)

Even considering the kind of stuff we’ve already mentioned in this account, this piece of news will still manage to blow your mind.


Well, we’ve covered rocket, house, gigantic ship and prove what is the capability of 3d printing across industries. Now, it’s time for the energy sector. Swipe next to see the full coverage!

Point 1 – The CORE

Metal 3D Printed Nuclear Reactor (source)

a team of researchers from the United States successfully prints a Nuclear Reactor Core using Direct Energy Deposition (DED) Metal 3D Printing. this development is aimed to validate the reliability and the possibility of making nuclear reactor parts using the technology.

And if you are a true Tridiku mania you will notice that DED tech. Is the same technology used by Relativity Space to make their Terran – 1 first 3D printed Space Rocket. Science!

Here is the production process video, so you can admire the technology more! (source:

Point 2 – Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), where it all started

The Biggest National Laboratory (source)

True to the origin of 3d printing, this project is also aimed at validating the design of the Nuclear Reactor concept rapidly and efficiently, and yes, even Nuclear Reactor needs Rapid Prototyping.

The place where it all started is the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the largest one from the 17 National Laboratories across the United States.

BAAM (Big Area Additicve Manufacturing) (source)

ORNL is focused on Advanced Material, Neutron, Energy, and Computational Science, Additive Manufacturing, and National Security, and by far also the one with the highest yearly budget allocated from the DOE (Department of Energy) at 1.4 Billion Dollar/year (20 Trillion Rupiah!)

This Laboratory is the center of the 3D Printing development of America, and also the world, with technology advancement for BAAM (Big Area Additive Manufacturing) that is together with the University of Maine last year successfully printed a life-size ship, 7.62 meters long, and DED technology.

Well, if you want to know what is the future of 3d printing, look no further, aim your sight at ORNL. (source:


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