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3D Printed Furniture, is Sleek, Modernist, Pleasing for the eye.

Nobu (source)

Even though exponentially pricey as compared to other end-use furniture made by conventional manufacturing, 3D Printing is still the favorite method for realizing the bizarre and fresh idea of furniture designers around the world.

Here are some of the best one Tridiku find, enjoy!

Nobu by Nagami (chair)

Nobu, is what happens when large scale additive manufacturing meets advanced digital design.

Available in 4 colors (Green, Red, Blue, Grey) The sleek surface hides the complex design that the designer – Manuel Jiménez García calls “internal cellular universe” (reminiscent to my science textbook from High School years).

If you are from Indonesia and is interested in owning it, Nobu is tagged at €1020, included VAT and delivery. (source :

SuperMod by Simplus Design

SuperMod is a 3D printed modular (meaning it can be arranged to your needs, kinda like a Lego brick I guess) wall system that is can be used as storage for books, planter and as room partition.

A combination of functionality and aestheticism, the wall system made using a Makerbot 3D Printer and is readily available in size ranging from 14 to 22 inches (source:

Print Your City! By The New Raw

Print Your City! is an ongoing research project aimed at recycling household plastic waste to make a piece of public furniture for the city. One piece of this public bench weighs around 15 kg and is equivalent to the total plastic waste that 2 amsterdamers made per year.

Recycled Public Bench by The New Raw (source)

The initiative is made to life by The New Raw, a design studio from Rotterdam, NL. Next is the production process video from The New Raw website. (source :


3d print is the best deal you can get at making your novel design a reality, regardless of the size. Furniture world proves this beautifully with interior and exterior pieces that will blow you out of your mind.

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