Awooo! Lost Resin Casting a WOLF RING!

Great example of integrating 3d printing in another industry, neat!


The superb and smooth surface quality of SLA printing and the introduction of castable resin material spearheaded the application 3d printing in the jewelry and accessories industry.

Here are and if you’re wondering, is it only possible to a well and established corporation to made? well, @vegoilguy has proven what free software, a 3d printer, and some castable resin can do. Here are the steps by steps so that you can make your ring at home!


Step 1 – Making the Design

there are a lot of ways you can make your own 3d design. Downloading a ready file from a file-sharing website such as and is a fast and great idea but if you wanna make it memorable and really yours, using applications such as Fusion360 combined with Blender and Meshmixer is a great alternative.

In the tutorial, first, @vegoilguy made a simple plain ring design and then incorporating a werewolf design he found in Thingiverse and done some tinkering about. Once the design is ready, you can go to the next step.

Step 2 – 3D Printing with Elegoo Mars

Take your design and input into the SLA 3d printer, in the tutorial @vegoilguy uses Elegoo Mars and don’t forget this, change your resin to the one specialized for castable and burnout, as other resin may leave ash in the following steps, resulting in a poor quality mold cavity.

Step 3 – Setting the Mold Cavity

Release the resin ring from the build plate, connect with a sprue made of wax, and put them together inside a dental flask.

After that mix the investment plaster according to the manufacturer’s guide, and pour it into the dental flask, suck the incorporated air inside the investment plaster using vacuum chamber (do not fret, this mad genius even made the vacuum chamber himself, so can you too) to improve mold quality. Let set for 24 hours.

After the investment casting is set, you will need to release the castable resin inside by burning out inside a furnace.

Set the dental flask upside down, put inside the burnout furnace, crank the temperature up, again, according to the manufacturer’s guide, this ensures a consistent and good mold quality. After your all castable resin is out of your mold cavity, it is ready for the casting.

Step 4 – The Casting

In this tutorial, @vegoilguy uses Bronzal (Copper + 10% wt Aluminum). Put the material inside the crucible furnace. Then, Heat your furnace to the desired temperature (obviously it needs to be above the melting temperature of bronzal (it is 650 C)).

After that, pour the molten metal into the pouring basin of your dental flask, DO NOT STOP EVEN IF THE CAVITY IS FULL, pour it until it overflows inside the pouring basing, the overflowed molten metal will occupy the space that is left by shrinkage in the base metal.

Step 5 – Finishing

Wait for a few minutes so the molten metal is set inside the mold cavity, take the dental flask out, plunge it inside a reservoir of tap water, lots of it, and release the metal ring from the investment plaster. It should be easy as the plaster is water-soluble.

Release the ring from the sprue using a mini grinder, file the burr and flash, smooth with sandpaper, or automatic tumbler. And there you have it folks, your own ring!


there are lots of other ways of incorporating 3d printing into the jewelry industry. using FDM 3D Printer is also possible although the level of detail that SLA can give is unparalleled. one thing is for sure, 3D Print enhances the power of the jewelry home industry to match the industry standard.

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Sources – “Detailed Home casting Wolf Ring with Powercast Burn castable resin + my Elegoo Mars printer”, VOG Youtube Channel.

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